Made with MAGIX Welcome,  and thank you for visiting Feathers in the Sky. We live on a planet full of natural wonders, and although humankind puts considerable strain on Mother Earth, there is still an enormous amount of beauty out there. I've had the privilege to visit places many people will never set their eyes upon and with this website I want to share their beauty as seen through my eyes and camera lens. By doing so I hope to bring to you the beauty of nature from near and far, to preserve this beauty, and to create awareness about the many amazing places on this planet and their need for protection. Exploring this website you may notice that birds take a prominent place in it. Although I'm not really a birder, I have a great fondness for birds through my profession as a behavioural biologist. This profession has also given me the opportunity for travelling to many of the places shown in the gallery. Images All wildlife images in the galleries are from free-living animals in their natural habitats. Utmost care was taken not to disturb animals or destroy their environment when taking the pictures. Marine life was mostly photographed from shore; where this was not the case I travelled with responsible companies adhering to wildlife watching guidelines. Most wildlife photographs were taken with a Canon EOS 7D and a 100-400 mm L lens, although I have also used other digital cameras and lenses. The photographs shown on this site were not altered other than a routine adjustment of contrast, colours and brightness to optimize the raw image and make it appear as close as possible to the original scene, or occasional minor cropping for compositional purposes. In the few cases where I did do more adjustments or cropping for artistic purposes this is noted in the image description. (c) C. Schloegl