Made with MAGIX BRITISH COLUMBIA click preview to enlarge Sunrays over Blackney Pass Haul out in the surf Pacific whitesided dolphin with fish (image cropped) Fraser Valley Mirrored seagulls in the kelp Cloudy sunrise over Blackney Pass Surfacing Steller's sealion Sunrise in Blackney Pass Juvenile Steller's jay Harbour seals hauling out on submerged log Waterfall in Knight Inlet Coastal rainforest Sparkling orca Blue heron Rainbow over Cracroft Island Raven portrait Orca female with calf Steller's jay with Salal berry Kelp face Kelp colours Surfacing male orca Morning fishing boat Orca breaking the surface (image cropped) Orca with pacific whitesided dolphin (image cropped) Mirrored dragonfly Milky way Posing Steller's Jay The Pacific Northwest is another one of those great places. Beautiful coastal scenery and diverse wildlife, both on land and at sea, await you, particularly if you care to venture away from the more populated areas and bring a little time. I have not yet made it further North than the northern tip of Vancouver Island, but have repeatedly visited  the Southern portions of British Columbia, which is (consequently ...) where the pictures in this gallery are from.