Made with MAGIX FALKLAND ISLANDS click preview to enlarge Striated caracara dustbath (front view) Black-browed albatross double portrait Preening black-browed albatross Black-browed albatross pair Rockhopper penguin look-out Rockhopper penguin pair Juvenile striated caracara Resting female kelp goose Striated caracara dustbath (side view) Cobb's Wren (image cropped) Austral thrush Black-browed albatross close encounters Rockhopper penguin portrait Giant petrel Sunset albatross Rockhopper penguin juveniles Black-browed albatross chick The Falkland Islands are an archipelago in the Southern Atlantic Ocean comprising two main islands and several hundred small islands. Over 200 bird species can be seen on the islands, including the endemic Cobb's wren and the rare Striated Caracara. Also several penguin species and over 60% of the global black-browed albatross population breed on the Falklands, making them an attractive destination for birders.