Made with MAGIX FEATHERS EVERYWHERE click preview to enlarge Oyster catchers on the beach, Germany Mute swan close-up, Germany Grey heron breakfast, Germany Greylag goose in the reeds, Germany Sleepy greylag goose look-up, KLF, Austria Bathing greylag goose close-up, KLF, Austria Sleepy cygnets, Germany Greylag goose attack, Germany Willow tit, Germany Crested grebe pair, Germany Curious Eurasian jay, Germany Sunset heron, Germany Crested grebe family, Germany Coot family, Germany Cygnet portrait, Germany Atlantic puffins, Scotland Crested grebe courtship, Germany Reed warbler, Germany Gannet with nesting material, Germany Flying gannet close-up, Germany Female greylag goose, Germany Greylag goose portrait with down feather, KLF, Austria Mother goose, KLF, Austria Greylag gosling portrait, KLF, Austria Greylag siblings in the grass, KLF, Austria Curious gosling under the wing, KLF, Austria Greylag goose portrait (back view), KLF, Austria Feathers in the sky, in the water, on the ground ... this is a collection of bird photographs from various places not listed in the gallery. Having studied greylag geese for half my life they take a prominent place in this collection. Some of the greylag pictures in the gallery are labelled "KLF" in the picture title: these are from a fully free-living, but human-habituated flock at the Konrad Lorenz Research Station in Upper Austria.