Made with MAGIX SOUTH GEORGIA click preview to enlarge King penguin breeding colony Flipper-slapping king penguins Fur seal mum and pup King penguin checking out fur seal Flipper-slapping king penguins close-up Two sleepy king penguins Porpoising fur seals South Georgia coastline Four king penguins Curious fur seal Elephant seal bull Fur seals watching king penguins Fur seal sentinel King penguin small talk King penguin portrait King penguin walking party Nesting wandering albatross Scratching elephant seal female King penguin line-up South Georgia is an extraordinary place. It is a remote and in many ways inhospitable place in the Southern Ocean with no native human population. Instead, it is home to some ten million seabirds, including wandering and sooty albatrosses. The most prominent birds to be found around South Georgia are certainly king penguins, who populate the beaches in hundreds of thousands. For a bird enthusiast, this is wonderland. Rats, however, are a huge problem, as they prey on the eggs and chicks of the ground-nesting birds. Rats were introduced to South Georgia by sealers and whalers in the 19th and 20th century, who also almost drove the Antarctic fur seal to extinction. The fur seals have been recovering since the old whaling stations were abandoned and are once again omnipresent in the waters and on the beaches of South Georgia. King penguins at the beach King penguin portrait (top view) Skua with mountain background Porpoising Macaroni penguins (image cropped) King penguin portrait (looking back) Light-mantled sooty albatross in the blue Ice in Drygalsky Fjord