Made with MAGIX SVALBARD Just water (image cropped) Billefjord panorama (photo stitch) Arctic skua Nesting barnacle goose Arctic fox in Ny-Alesund (image cropped) Nordenskiöld glacier Glacial ice Colours of ice I (HDR) Old pier in Ny-Alesund Arctic tern nuptial gift Arctic tern in pastels Mystic Nora Male eider ducks Snow bunting (image cropped) Reindeer country Purple sandpiper Barnacle gosling Waterfall at Skansbukta It’s only about 1200km from Svalbard to the North pole. Although snow and ice characterize large parts of the landscape, the gulf stream renders particularly western Svalbard considerably warmer than areas of comparable southern latitudes. This makes the archipelago an attractive summer destination for a variety of migratory birds, who raise their young in the permanent daylight of the polar day. On Svalbard there is always a chance of encountering a polar bear. Accordingly you need to be properly trained and equipped when venturing past the few settlements, or should be in the company of one who knows how to handle a weapon and particularly knows how to avoid dangerous encounters in the first place. Because a close encounter usually ends deadly for either the human or the bear - not a desirable outcome for either party. click preview to enlarge Iceberg in Kongsfjord Goose generations Colours of ice II (HDR) Tre Kroner Arctic tern portrait Black-legged kittiwake A hole in the clouds Barnacle gosling in tussock grass Conway glacier in the fog Fulmar take-off Eider ducks in front of Kronebreen (image cropped)